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How to get paid brand collaborations?

This blog gives a sneak peek at “How creators can get paid brand collaborations!”.

December 27, 2022

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Every brand today wants to reach more and more people and for that, it is relying on the power of Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing has been here forever but it is only now that it has become mainstream for common people which was earlier limited to celebrities only. Take for example Katrina Kaif was the brand ambassador for Slice. She used to be featured in its ads and Instagram posts as well. You can see where we are going with this.

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Influencer Marketing is not new but is getting mainstream for common people in this digital era. And no matter what niche you belong to or how many followers you have, you can get PAID brand collaborations. And we are not even exaggerating it, read further to know how?

How to get paid brand collaborations on Instagram?

Now that you are here, we will be sharing 3 ways to approach brands for paid collaborations.

  1. Leverage your competitors: No matter which niche you belong to, there will always be someone who is creating similar content on Instagram. Competition is inevitable, so you don’t have to try to eradicate that but leverage it. Make a list of your competitor and look at the brands they are collaborating with and their approach to the campaign. Once you get this done with around 10-15 of your competitions you will end up with a massive list of brands you can potentially collaborate with. Now reach out to these brands but with a twist. Tell them how you can uniquely promote their brands with your audience. Use your previous stats with collaborations with brands and voila, you might just land with collaborations.
  2. Instagram Ads: When you scroll through your Instagram or watch stories, you would see brands popping up on your feeds with diverse content. Instagram Ads are quite expensive compared to Influencer campaigns. Go, pitch these brands and maybe you never know, you end up with a cool collaboration.
  3. Reach out to brands on Cloutflow app: Go to Google or even Instagram, check out brands whose target audience is similar to your audience and then reach out to them with innovative ideas to help the brand position itself in a way that helps it beat its competitors.

Bringing to you the best way to get brand collaborations with a 100% success rate.

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Whichever way you choose, we wish you good luck on your journey.

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