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Brahmastra Influencer Marketing Campaign: Hit or Flop?

This blog gives a sneak peek at “How Bhrahmastra Leveraged Influencer Marketing to take the Box Office by Storm”.

December 26, 2022

Brahmastra Influencer Marketing Campaign: Hit or Flop? image

Either you loved it or hated it but you couldn’t just ignore “Brahmastra” we know because neither could we!

From feeling cringy about Alia Bhatt’s Shiva Shiva to anticipating the next two parts of the movie- we all have had our own moments of appreciation of the movie. Cringe it was but we agree that we left a part of our hearts in the cinema hall only.

As much as the performance of artists was outstanding in the movie, credits need to be accredited to the amazing marketing strategies it used.


What was “The Brahmastra Strategy”?

Brahmastra, released on 9th September 2022 and built with an estimated budget of ~400Cr. Turned out to be a blockbuster movie with total box office earnings of 431Cr.

Brahmastra changed the face of Bollywood. It started two revolutions- VFX and Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

The lead actors of Brahmastra, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, collaborated with various Instagram influencers and promoted their movie through it. Influencer Marketing is a growing domain and is no longer just limited to brands, even movies are entering this segment.

Many big actors like Rajkumar Rao and Aditya Roy Kapoor followed a similar strategy.

Not only this, Brahmastra also collaborated with big brands like Spotify, PVR, and Cinepolis to promote their movie. The relationship status and marriage of the real-life couple RanAlia created a lot of buzz and it got people more excited about watching the movie!

Reading critics’ reviews, box office collections and the attention the movie got, we would say it was successful and a huge hit.

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