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Are you also taking up Barter collaborations from brands? You need to read this!

Explore our market study on Instagram's impact on creators and the pitfalls of barter collaborations. Learn why opting for paid partnerships over in-kind collaborations is crucial to valuing your content creation efforts. Maximize your potential with our insights and tips.

November 29, 2022

Are you also taking up Barter collaborations from brands? You need to read this! image

Instagram is a growing platform and gaining popularity among GenZ. It is no longer just a social media platform, it is providing jobs to a lot of people. It has also significantly narrowed down the difference between common people and celebrities. It has given so many people direct entry into Bollywood. Take Prajkta Koli for example. Her journey started with YouTube and today she is on her way to making it big in Bollywood.

There are plenty of creators on Instagram and YouTube wanting it to make their mark on people’s hearts and for that, they keep on innovating and consistently come up with content that people love. And what can be a better way than brand collaborations? It is an amazing way through which creators can not only reach a wider audience but also open doors for more brand collaborations.

Now in order to feature something on their page, many creators end up falling for Barter Collaborations. If you are a regular on our blogs, you must be aware of how much disliking we have for barter or in-kind collaborations.

What is Barter Collaboration?

Barter collaboration is a type of partnership between the creator and the brand where there is no involvement of money. The entire deal happens in-kind or in exchange for products or free gifts from the brand. Yep, basically, that is it.

Why say NO to Barter?

Now a lot of you may argue, what is wrong with Barter?

Well, if you are a creator you must be aware of the nitty-gritty involved in pulling off an end-to-end brand campaign. It takes hours to ideate, shoot and edit a video. Now once a video is edited, you need to think about engagements, reply to the comments and everything that will help in making the campaign a success. An average creator takes anywhere between 7-9 hours to undertake this process. With experience, it may be lowered to some extent but the crux remains the same. Creating content is a task which requires a lot of effort from the creator’s end.

Now, do you really think 7-9 hours of your time is worth 500Rs products?

Your time and efforts are worth too much to waste on a barter collaboration.

What to do if not barter?

We personally recommend you go for aid collaborations over barter ones. The time you’d spend on barter ones, utilise it on making efforts to bag a paid one. We have a blog on how to get paid collaborations, you can give it a read.

Alternatively, you can join the CloutFlow app and pitch to 1000s of brands looking for influencers to be a part of their campaigns. It’s of course free of cost and ONLY paid collaborations are there!

We see you on the other side!

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