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Influencer Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth

Discover the secret to Mamaearth's success in India's competitive skincare market, and learn how they utilized influencer marketing to become a unicorn in just 6 years. Read about their unique strategies and rise to prominence now!

October 28, 2022

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India is a large country with a population of 138 Crore+, the second highest in the world. With almost half of its population being women, needless to say, the skincare and cosmetics industry flourish here making it an extremely competitive segment for the global market. Big companies like Johnson&Johnson, Himalaya, Nivea, etc compete for neck-to-neck with each other for so many years to stand out in the stiff competition. It is rather very difficult for new companies to enter this market given the tough competition.

Then how did a startup “<u>Mamaearth</u>” not just survive this but established itself as a brand?


The Rise and Rise of Mamaearth

Mamaearth was founded by a couple, Varun and Ghazal Alagh, in 2016 when they became parents to a baby boy and realised there weren’t any good products in the market safe for a baby’s use. Varun who is a DTU and XLRI alum always had this entrepreneurial spirit in him and when his wife came up with this idea, he left his stable and well-paid job with Coca-Cola to pursue his startup idea full-time.

Mamaearth came up at a time when Johnson&Johnson was in the limelight because of the recent findings indicating it may be a cause of cancer among newborns. It left the whole country horrified as the brand had a monopoly in this market and that’s when Mamaearth entered the Indian market.

Apart from the timing, Mamaearth had good quality products and a fantastic marketing strategy.

What was Mamaearth’s marketing strategy?

Mamaearth ditched the conventional marketing style and very strategically used social media extensively, especially influencer marketing which did wonders for them and within 6 years became a unicorn in 2022.

Mamaearth targeted niche-specific, famous influencers for their campaigns and instead of running monotonous campaigns repeatedly, it came up with creative ideas that users couldn’t help but engage which helped Mamaearth increase not just its brand awareness but also its revenue.

The unicorn startup recently named famous south actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu as its brand ambassador. She is a household name not only in the southern industry but all over India which is another laudable move by the brand to increase its reach in the southern part of the country.

Varun and Alagh Ghazal, founders of Mamaearth, coming from a business background understood the importance of building trust among their audiences and what else could be better than having their favourite celebrities/ influencers endorsing it.

They strategically ran the influencer marketing campaigns leaving a huge impact on the people’s minds.

Mamaearth also very smartly branded itself to highlight the weakness in other brands as its strengths.

Total genius.

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