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Smooth Campaign Execution

With Cloutflow Influencer Management Tool, you can easily execute all of you influencer marketing campaigns end-to-end. The Platform helps you to DISCOVER,  Match Make, Onboard Influencers, run the influencer marketing campaign, securely pay on the platform itself. Then why use 10 different tools for just one campaign?

Dedicated Campaign Manager

No matter if you are doing your first influencer marketing campaign or 100th you always need assistance to make the time-consuming process smoother. So, We provide you with a dedicated campaign manager. We have saved 100s of hours of our client’s important time, so that you can focus on other things that are more important to you.

Instagram & YouTube Verified Insights

With Cloutflow Influencer Management Tool, you will can request Instagram and YouTube verified Influencer insights before making the decision to onboard creators for your ROI driven Influencer Marketing Campaign. 

Execute your campaign smoothly like Nua Women Team

“The team has done a fabulous job communicating clearly, managing our campaigns, and helping us stress less about the tasks! Thanks for the support, and keep up the excellent work and the pace.”

Vaibhav Gaje

Influencer Marketing Manager at Nua

Kickoff your campaign like the team at Dot & Key

“Cloutflow has delivered flawless experience with every activation. A great team to depend and work with!”

Vishakha Jain

Manager at Dot & Key

Map out your success with real-time reporting like team at Mamaearth

“I wanted to say thanks to the Cloutflow team. Cloutflow has been doing a fab job and you guys close all the videos before the deadline. Great job !!”

Ishita Srivastava

Influencer Marketing Executive at MamaEarth

Discover rich influencer insights like the team at Faces Canada

“All executed flawlessly, even the bumps on the way, the team was very helpful in delivering the best with the content creators and communicating our points.”

Chandreyee Bhattacharaya

Digital Marketing at Faces Canada

Drive ROI like team at Cult fit

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CloutFlow Influencer Management Tool work?

First step is to book a demo for the tool. We will create your brand’s account on the platform and from there either you can use the tool yourself or we can assist you in the process in finding the perfect influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns, successfully onboard them for your influencer marketing campaign, run the campaign smoothly and pay to the influencers securely through the platform itself. 

What to do if we can’t find an Influencer on the Platfrom?

In rare case if you can’t find the an influencer on the platform, you can directly connect with the dedicated campaign manager assigned to you and they will assist you in successfully onboarding them on the platform and into your campaign. 

How to get started if we are doing Influencer Marketing for the first time?

If you are doing Influencer Marketing Campaign for the first time, then Cloutflow is the perfect platform for you. As we don’t leave everything to you, We will be with you through out the process and will help you in every step of the execution. You can also connect with us for our Managed Services, where we do everything for you on the platform with just little extra cost. 

Why choose Cloutflow Influencer Management Tool above the other available in the market?

With Cloutflow Influencer Management tool, you don’t only get an Influencer Management tool, but you can take care of your whole influencer campaign through the platform itself. From discovering the right set of Influencer, to onboarding them for your campaigns, to actually execute the campaign and run it smoothly and finally securely paying the influencer. 

How does Cloutflow end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform work?

Cloutflow end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform is the one stop solution for all your Influencer Marketing requirements. You will create an account > post a campaign with your brand requirements > the influencer will apply to your campaign > you will shortlist the right set of influencers > run the influencer campaign on the platform > during the campaign you can track real time progress with our AI reporting dashboard. 

We are doing Influencer Marketing in-house, How can we use the platfrom?

If you are doing Influencer Marketing in-house then Cloutflow Influencer Management tool can take all your campaigns from sheets, WhatsApp and 100s of hours of Instagram scrolling to find the influencer to just 5 simple steps on the platform and save your team and brand a lot of resources and time, at the same time giving you real time progress of the campaigns with AI reporting to help you optimize your influencer investments. 

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