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Bring out your inner Befikar with Vega

April 13, 2023

About the brand

VEGA is a leading personal care and beauty accessory brand in India that has been empowering individuals with innovative and meticulously crafted grooming products for the past two decades. The company is committed to offering efficient and easy-to-use products for head-to-toe grooming needs, making it a pioneer in at-home styling.

Their product range includes an unparalleled variety of grooming tools such as hair brushes, handmade combs, bath accessories, makeup brushes, pedicure & manicure tools, hair straighteners, hair dryers, hair curlers, hair stylers, men’s trimmers, groomers, and much more for all hair, face, and body grooming needs.

At VEGA, they are dedicated to helping millions of consumers unleash the best of themselves by empowering their inner Befikar. Their wide array of head-to-toe beauty tools and personal care & grooming range for men and women perfectly enhance their personage and make their grooming and styling needs effortless and stress-free.

They take pride in their 700+ SKUs and counting, simplifying head-to-toe grooming, styling, and hygiene solutions. VEGA believes in empowering individuals to express themselves with self-confidence through their unique style.


The brand Vega faced a number of challenges when trying to revamp their image and establish themselves as a new age brand amidst rising competition. Being a traditional brand, it was difficult for them to shed their old image and attract new customers who were looking for modern, innovative and trendy grooming products.

Furthermore, Vega also wanted to make their brand look premium, which meant they had to re-evaluate their product range, pricing, packaging, and marketing strategies. This required significant investments in research and development to innovate and create high-quality products that could compete with other premium brands in the market.

Overall, Vega had to overcome the challenges of rebranding, image makeover, and market positioning to emerge as a modern, trendy, and premium brand in the highly competitive personal care and grooming industry.


To address the challenges faced by the brand Vega, and to leverage the potential of influencer marketing, the following solution strategy has been implemented by CloutFlow:

CloutFlow helped identify the target audience and understood their grooming needs and preferences. Based on this understanding, Vega can select relevant influencers who have a strong following among the target audience. Cloutflow collaborated with influencers who have a strong social media presence and a significant following in the personal care and grooming space. Vega can leverage these influencers' credibility, authenticity, and reach to promote their products and create awareness about the brand. CloutFlow worked with the influencers to create engaging and informative content that highlights the benefits and unique features of their products. The content should be tailored to the influencer's audience and should be relevant, relatable, and visually appealing.

Vega leveraged Ananya Pandey's popularity and credibility to create brand awareness and enhance its premium image. Ananya Pandey endorsed Vega's premium range of products through various channels such as social media, print, and television advertisements.

Through CloutFlow’s influencer marketing strategy, Vega effectively came up with a solution to its challenges of rebranding, image makeover, and market positioning. Vega successfully established itself as a modern, trendy, and premium brand in the highly competitive personal care and grooming industry.

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