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Comfort, style, and sustainability - Sweet Dreams has it all

December 20, 2022

About the brand

What started as a men’s sleepwear brand has since developed into one of India’s leading fashion brands for the entire family, covering sleepwear, athleisure wear, and workout wear. With 30 years of experience in the nightwear and loungewear industry, the company has crafted a brand that is for everyone.

Whatever one’s idea of sleepwear is, Sweet Dreams is for them. In the summers, customers can choose from the company’s super lightweight styles in cotton and rayon. In the winters, they can pick from the company’s valor tracksuits and fleece jackets. If someone is shopping for their bridal trousseau, they can choose from the company’s range of satin nightgowns and babydolls for women.

When it comes to sleepwear, comfortable and breathable fits and skin-friendly fabrics are a given. With Sweet Dreams, customers get all that plus clothes whose fashion quotient is at its maximum. Customers can shop the company’s athleisure collection for the perfect all-day looks and grab its workout wear to ace their gym looks as well as any celebrity’s.


The company was a massive brand in the retail industry and needed to create a digital presence in order to reach a wider audience. They planned to work with fashion creators to shoot high quality content for Instagram and Youtube campaigns. The goal was to increase brand visibility and recognition through these campaigns.

The Challenge was finding the right mix of fashion creators who could effectively reach and engage with the target audience, create high quality content, and help increase the brand’s visibility and recognition through a mix of Instagram and Youtube campaigns.


We partnered with influencers who prioritize comfort and style in their sleepwear, showcasing the versatility and fashionable nature of our products.

We collaborated with influencers who have a significant following of individuals interested in fashion and athleisure wear, reaching a wide audience and potentially generating buzz around our brand. Influencers created content demonstrating the versatility and effectiveness of our products, showing how our products can be worn for a variety of occasions, including as sleepwear, athleisure wear, and workout wear.

We worked with influencers who prioritize sustainability and natural materials, showcasing our commitment to using environmentally-friendly and skin-friendly fabrics in our products. We also collaborated with influencers who have allergies or sensitivities, showcasing the fact that our products are suitable for individuals with these concerns.

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