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ORIMII is here to ease your Pregnancy!

December 21, 2022

About the brand

Orimii aims to help women feel and look beautiful at all stages of their lives. The company’s initial goal was to provide pregnant women with skincare options that were gentle, effective, and completely safe. In addition to addressing stretch marks, the company’s range of products addresses a variety of skin concerns that can arise during pregnancy, such as hormonal breakouts, dryness, sensitivity, and dark spots. Orimii is committed to avoiding ingredients that do not meet its standards, including those that are potentially harmful, untested, or notorious. As a result, all of Orimii’s products are free of 21 potentially problematic ingredients.


Orimii was a new brand and needed to build its presence amongst the right target audience. The brand message was that the company’s products are skincare specifically designed for pregnant women. Orimii also wanted to explore this new category. The Challenge was finding the right creators who could effectively reach and engage with the target audience, effectively communicate the brand message, and help build the brand’s presence in this new category.


By partnering with influencers who were experiencing the specific skin concerns that Orimii’s products were designed to address, the brand showcased its products in a relatable and authentic way. By working with influencers who had a significant number of followers, Orimii reached a wide audience and potentially generated a lot of buzz around its brand. Influencers created content that demonstrated how Orimii’s products had helped them achieve healthier, more radiant skin. This was particularly effective when the influencer included before-and-after photos or videos. Orimii worked with influencers who had a following that aligned with the brand’s target audience, such as pregnant women or new moms. This helped Orimii connect with its ideal customers in a more targeted and effective way.

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