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December 26, 2022

About the brand

Their story began with a pad that was specifically designed to meet the needs of women. However, they soon realized that the demand for safe and effective products extended beyond pads. They asked the women in their community to share their needs and desires. The result was a range of products, including sanitary pads, cramp comfort patches, foaming intimate wash, everyday liners, and a period nutrition drink mix, which were all developed in collaboration with a community of over 400,000 women. Today, the brand continues to innovate and transform the women’s wellness space in India with Made Safe Certified products that are backed by science.


The company needed to explore different niches in order to find the right creator for their influencer marketing campaigns. The campaigns had to be planned for both Instagram and Youtube and the company wanted to explore the audience in South India and North East India. The challenge was finding the right creator who could effectively reach and engage with the target audience in these regions and effectively communicate the company’s message through their content.


The brand has a collaboration with Deepika Padukone which we leveraged. Along with many different Instagram and Youtube creators, we created a strategy to play on the strength of the product which is the menstrual care and understanding of what women go through during their periods and created a clear message which you can see from the below contents.

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Check out some of the contents created by the Instagram creators for Nua Woman.

A special shoutout to CloutFlow🚀I love working with this team. They're a bunch of professionals who understand our requirements very well and have always been able to deliver on time without compromising on quality. The team has done a fabulous job communicating clearly, managing our campaigns, and helping us stress less about the tasks! Thanks for the support, and keep up the excellent work and the pace. kudos to Vanshika Batra and Ankit Singh Rathore :) #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


Influencer Marketing Manager at Nua

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