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December 24, 2022

About the brand

Lotus is a company that was started in 1993 by Mr. Kamal Passi. Its goal is to provide natural beauty products to everyone. It has become a very trusted brand in the 25 years it has been in business. Many of its products are based on the 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda. Each product is carefully researched and made by hand. Lotus makes a variety of skin, hair, and makeup products that are made with a combination of modern technology, ancient wisdom, and scientific research. In the last 25 years, Lotus has made products that are popular with people of all ages and that are safe and natural. The company has also developed new products to meet changing needs, such as sunscreen and anti-aging products.


The company has a strong legacy in the industry and needed to maintain it while also adding a touch of appeal to the Gen Z demographic. They were looking for new ideas for influencer marketing campaigns and wanted to ensure that the content quality was top notch. The challenge was finding the right mix of creators who could effectively reach and engage with the target audience, bring fresh ideas to the campaigns, and create high quality content that would help maintain the company’s legacy and appeal to the Gen Z demographic.


We partnered with influencers who prioritize natural and sustainable living, as well as those who are interested in ancient wisdom and holistic health practices.

These influencers created content showcasing the benefits of using our products, including our commitment to using natural ingredients and traditional techniques. We also worked with influencers who have a following of people interested in skincare and beauty, as these individuals are likely to be interested in our products.

In addition, we partnered with influencers who are interested in sustainability and environmental causes, as our commitment to natural ingredients and handmade production processes aligns with these values.

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