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December 22, 2022

About the brand

Elevar is a company that is committed to using innovative technology and style in their products. Their first range of sports shoes uses RYDEFOAM™, a cutting-edge sole technology, to provide comfort and performance. The shoes are made with lightweight, breathable fabrics and are designed to feel like walking on clouds. The Sportstyle range combines modern design, sustainability, and comfort. It features sleek silhouettes, unique patterns, and high-quality materials. The shoes are meant to be both stylish and comfortable.


The company launched a new product and intended to utilize influencer marketing as a strategy to promote it. The company wanted to partner with a celebrity to be the face of the campaign and help spread the key message that the products were of premium quality. The goal was to create buzz around the brand and generate excitement for the launch of the new product.


We partnered with influencers who are interested in innovative technology, showcasing our use of RYDEFOAM™ in our sports shoes and the unique benefits it provides.

We collaborated with influencers who have a significant following of individuals interested in athletic wear and performance footwear, reaching a wide audience and potentially generating buzz around our brand.

Influencers created content demonstrating the comfort and performance of our shoes, showing how our shoes provide both comfort and performance during physical activity.

We worked with influencers who prioritize sustainability, showcasing our commitment to using high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials in our products.

We also collaborated with influencers who have a sense of style, showcasing the fashionable aspects of our products and how they can be worn as part of a trendy athletic or casual outfit.

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