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Building Authenticity amongst the Audience!!

December 25, 2022

About the brand

Dot & Key wants to change how their customers look after themselves by drawing attention to the areas and the problems that people often overlook, or consider unimportant – but do in fact, affect how they feel and consequently how we appear.


With 4,000+ D2C stores made in India on a monthly basis, and all of them eventually doing Influencer Marketing. An average Micro creator promotes approximately 15 brands in a month. Amongst all this, Every Brand wants to stand out.


The ideation was to stand out and do something different from the ordinary campaigns, and create an impact.

Where they Build up the storyline (Story 1),** Draw inquisitiveness** (Story 2),** Understand the ingredients** (Story 3), and then** Reveal the product & Post a review** (Story 4) along with the final Reel.

Throughout the buildup in 3 stories, the product was blurred which increased curiosity and instead of just posting a Reel, showing the creator trying the product build authenticity.

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Content Created

Check out some of the contents created by the Instagram creators for Dot & Key.

Cloutflow has delivered flawless experience with every activation. A great team to depend and work with !

Vishakha Jain

Manager (Dot & Key)

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