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April 06, 2023

About the brand is a health and wellness platform that offers a comprehensive range of services both online and offline. Formerly known as, is dedicated to helping people lead healthy and fulfilling lives through its offerings. The online platform provides access to a variety of video-based live classes on fitness, yoga, and meditation, which can be accessed via membership plans. The platform offers a wide range of fitness programs, including arm workouts, core exercises, aerobics, yoga, meditation, home workouts, and kid's exercises, among others. In addition to the online platform, has gyms located in various cities across India, where members can access personalized training, group workouts, and state-of-the-art fitness equipment. The company has an easy-to-use app that members can download to access its many programs and services. The app offers a seamless user experience and allows members to customize their fitness goals and track their progress over time. At, the team is committed to helping people live healthier, happier lives. Their mission is to make fitness accessible to everyone, and they strive to achieve this by providing personalized and affordable health and wellness services to their members.


For the brand Cult Fitness, launching a new category named Cult.sports was an exciting venture. However, the challenge they were facing is to establish cultsport Nutra as a one-stop destination for amazing and delicious protein powders. One of their main objectives is to tap into the influencer market and collaborate with creators in the Fitness and Infotainment categories, specifically those with a CPV of 1. This presents a unique challenge as they need to find the right influencers who can effectively showcase the benefits and taste of their protein powders to their audiences, without coming off as overly promotional. They also need to ensure that the influencers they choose align with their brand values and messaging.


To tackle these challenges faced by Cult Fitness, CloutFlow proposed and implemented the following strategy:

Identify and vet potential influencers: The first step is to identify influencers in the Fitness and Infotainment categories who have a CPV of 1. CloutFlow leveraged its database and network of influencers to find the right creators who align with Cult Fitness's brand values and messaging. Each potential influencer was vetted to ensure they have a genuine following and are a good fit for the campaign.

Develop customized campaigns: CloutFlow worked closely with Cult Fitness to develop customized campaigns that showcase their new product line. These campaigns were tailored to the individual influencers, taking into account their audience demographics, engagement levels, and content style. By personalizing each campaign, CloutFlow tried to maximize the impact of the influencer collaborations.

Engage with influencers authentically: CloutFlow believes that building authentic relationships with influencers is key to success. To do this, we ensured that each collaboration is a two-way street. This means giving influencers creative freedom to showcase the product in a way that resonates with their audience, while also providing them with the necessary guidelines to ensure the messaging is consistent with Cult Fitness's brand.

Monitor and measure performance: CloutFlow was continuously monitoring the performance of each collaboration, tracking engagement rates, conversion rates, and overall ROI. This data was used to optimize ongoing campaigns and inform future collaborations.

Leverage micro-influencers: To maximize the impact of the campaign, CloutFlow recommends leveraging micro-influencers. These influencers may have smaller followings, but they often have higher engagement rates and are more affordable to work with. By working with a mix of micro and macro-influencers, Cult Fitness can reach a wider audience while still staying within their budget.

Through CloutFlow, Cult Fitness successfully launched their new product line and established themselves as a one-stop destination for fitness enthusiasts.

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