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April 09, 2023

About the brand

Bblunt is a renowned hair care brand founded by Adhuna Bhabani in 1998, with its first salon in Mumbai. Adhuna's journey as a woman entrepreneur has been acknowledged by the 'Women of Worth' special issues by Outlook Business.

With her two decades of experience in the hair industry, Adhuna Bhabani noticed that most hair colours available in the market gave a very flat and opaque colour that made the hair look dull. This led to the birth of Bblunt's unique approach to hair colouring, which not only adds colour but also gives a lustrous shine to your hair. The brand's Shine Tonic and Salon Secret range of products offer unmatched shine and protection to your hair, elevating your hair game like never before.

Bblunt is committed to providing personalized hair care solutions that cater to the unique needs of Indian hair and weather. With Bblunt's expertise, you can rest assured that your hair is in safe hands. The brand's philosophy revolves around cutting hair to suit your personality, without ever copying a style. Trust Bblunt's experts to bring you the B system, which is specifically designed to cater to Indian hair and weather.


The task at hand for the company was to create a buzz around their brand and increase sales through the power of YouTube campaigns with micro brand ambassadors. This challenge required a unique approach to influencer marketing, one that would enable them to tap into the potential of YouTube while also ensuring that their brand message was communicated effectively to their target audience.

The challenge was made even more difficult by the need to find the perfect blend of micro brand ambassadors. These ambassadors needed to have a strong presence on social media, a genuine connection with their followers, and the ability to generate revenue and conversions through their campaigns. They also had to be able to sustain a consistent social media presence, ensuring that the brand message remained in the minds of potential customers.


In a world where influencers talk about countless products, our strategy was to collaborate with a group of talented creators on monthly YouTube campaigns. Our approach involved seamlessly integrating our products into their content, allowing the creators to genuinely talk about the benefits of Bblunt products. This approach adds a touch of authenticity to the content, making viewers more likely to trust and be influenced by it.

To maintain a consistent presence and drive sales, we partnered with the same creators for month-on-month campaigns that targeted retargeted viewers. This approach helped us reinforce our brand message, increasing conversions and revenue.

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