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influencer marketing tracking
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🎯Precision Matchmaking

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Find your perfect brand-creator match and drastically improve your ROAS.


Our state-of-the-art algorithm dives deep into audience data from YouTube and Meta (Facebook) to pinpoint the perfect influencers who genuinely resonate with your target audience.


Our precision matchmaking maximizes your influencer marketing ROI by ensuring a perfect brand-creator match

For example

A women's fashion brand targeting women in their 20s will be matched with influencers whose primary audience is females aged 20-30 – not just any female influencer

πŸ’ΈNo Middlemen

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Say goodbye to varying prices and inefficient processes.


Cloutflow eliminates the need for multiple agencies, offering a transparent, fixed-price solution for influencer collaborations.

πŸ“ˆComprehensive Analytics

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Measure Influencer Marketing ROI with Precision


Go beyond basic metrics like likes, views, and comments.


With Cloutflow, track and measure your influencer marketing campaigns' performance beyond basic metrics.


Our platform helps you access detailed insights, including CPV, CTR, Swipe Up, Reach, Shares, and more, enabling you to accurately calculate your influencer marketing ROI and make data-driven decisions.

πŸ•’ Time Tracking:


Keep a close eye on campaign progress with Cloutflow's user-friendly timeline, ensuring the influencers stay on track and never miss a deadline.

track influencer marketing

Streamlined Execution

✍️ Creator Collaboration:


Work directly with influencers to review and edit content, ensuring a seamless partnership that aligns with your brand vision.

qualify influencers before investing

Coming Soon !

Google Analytics and Shopify integrations!

Soon, track sales from individual influencers and overall campaigns with our Google Analytics and Shopify integrations, further enhancing your ability to measure influencer marketing ROI.

track influencer marketing with google analyticstrack influencer marketing with shopify
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • First step is to book a demo for the tool. We will create your brand’s account on the platform and from there either you can use the tool yourself or we can assist you in the process in finding the perfect influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns, successfully onboard them for your influencer marketing campaign, run the campaign smoothly and pay to the influencers securely through the platform itself.

  • In rare cases if you can’t find an influencer on the platform, you can directly connect with the dedicated campaign manager assigned to you and they will assist you in successfully onboarding them on the platform and into your campaign.

  • If you are doing an Influencer Marketing Campaign for the first time, then Cloutflow is the perfect platform for you. As we don’t leave everything to you, We will be with you throughout the process and will help you in every step of the execution. You can also connect with us for our Managed Services, where we do everything for you on the platform with just little extra cost.

  • With Cloutflow Influencer Marketing Platform, you don’t only get an Influencer Marketing tool, but you can take care of your whole influencer campaign through the platform itself. From discovering the right set of Influencer, to onboarding them for your campaigns, to actually executing the campaign and running it smoothly and finally securely paying the influencer.

  • Cloutflow end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform is the one stop solution for all your Influencer Marketing requirements. You will create an account > post a campaign with your brand requirements > the influencer will apply to your campaign > you will shortlist the right set of influencers > run the influencer campaign on the platform > during the campaign you can track real time progress with our AI reporting dashboard.

  • If you are doing Influencer Marketing in-house then Cloutflow Influencer Marketing tool can take all your campaigns from sheets, WhatsApp and 100s of hours of Instagram scrolling to find the influencer to just 5 simple steps on the platform and save your team and brand a lot of resources and time, at the same time giving you real time progress of the campaigns with AI reporting to help you optimize your influencer investments.

  • With Cloutflow, you can measure influencer marketing ROI by analyzing reach, audience engagement, CTA clicks, and eliminating bot followers. Furthermore, transparency in influencer costs can lead to savings, enhancing your return on investment.

  • Cloutflow tracks influencer marketing by utilizing consent-based data from Instagram and Youtube APIs. It provides detailed insights including reach, demographics, audience engagement type, and CTA clicks. It also helps in identifying and eliminating bot or fake followers, ensuring budget is utilized effectively. Historical data is used to optimize future campaigns.