Cloutflow – Made for Creators

Walk into our new offices.

We used to wonder if we’ll ever be able to rent an office.

CloutFlow has had humble beginnings. Me and Shivam used to sit on zoom calls with the two interns we had with us.

Every conversation was another zoom call. Every meeting was an email.

We were running a company on the back of WhatsApp. Thinking of getting an office space did not feel dumb – it felt dreamy.

Shit, in Feb 2021, we even tried running the show from a co-working space in CP. It was too costly for us to afford then.

Today, we work from a 25+ seater office even have our in-house studios in Gurgaon. Over 45+ teammembers are contributing to Cloutflow on the daily.

We are leasing a space of our own and moving out in September end. It’s a 3000 square feet Office space, again feels sooo Dreamy, I must say! Details will be out soon. Planning to create a different vibe with the interiors there.

So, coming back to the point – Remote or In-Office? Either works. But this office has always been my dream.

Who are you?

Choose wisely, as this may change the course of your life.