Cloutflow – Made for Creators

Make Google your teacher

My B. Tech was still underway when our monthly revenue crossed 8-figures for CloutFlow.

What I do at Cloutflow isn’t remotely related to my degree. Yet we are thriving.

How? One word, The Internet.

While the general course work in a B. Tech has nothing to do with Campaign Strategy and Client Acquisition – I was learning and applying these skills daily.

This isn’t my first rodeo, I have built 2 D2C brands before this and even sold one of them.
While the assignments and coursework are some things to focus on as a college student, you shouldn’t keep yourself from being curious.

Miss a few Friday nights and use google for its worth. Search about SEO. Learn what freelancing is.

We didn’t start with a massive seed-fund based on an idea. Every journey starts with a google search.

Go ahead, do it.

Who are you?

Choose wisely, as this may change the course of your life.