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Top 10 Micro Instagram Influencers in Skincare Industry (10K to 100K)

This blog gives a sneak peek at the “Top 10 Micro Instagram Influencers in Skincare Industry (10k to 100k)”. 

Top Micro Instagram Creators in Skincare Industry


If you are a skincare enthusiast and are always up for great content, you must follow these budding micro-influencers.

Isha Sutaria @isha.sutaria – 24.8k followers

Isha has a unique way to present skincare tips on varieties of skin types. Having faced skin issues herself she recommends what worked the best for her. Follow her if you need some genuine and authentic skincare advice.

Lesly – 40.1k followers

Lesly is all in for skin, beauty and hair as she describes herself. She posts about different product reviews and shares them with her 35k+ and growing community. You can follow her for some crisp product reviews.

Bhakti @bhaktiahujaofficial – 19.9k

Bhakti is a makeup artist and runs an Instagram page by the name makeupbybhaktii where she features her best work. If you love makeup and want to learn a thing or 2 about makeup, she is the one to follow.

Morgan Gallon @skin_selfish – 50.1k

Morgan shares about her priced possessions i.e. her skincare products with her 45k+ family. She shares everything from Korean beauty products to amazon must haves for glowing skin. She will give you some amazing recommendations if that is something you are looking for, do follow her.

Tasneem @skincare.venture – 21.3k

Tasneem is a 23-year-old Korean skincare fan. She usually shares about her best skincare products from her vast collection. You can follow her for some cool product reviews.

Darshini @the_skin_care_journal – 29.6k

Darshini is a skincare influencer from Hyderabad, India. She keeps on busting myths about skincare and shares pretty useful tips and tricks around beauty and wellness. A must-follow person.

Madhuri @skinsklayerblog – 38.3k

As her username also says, she is a true skin slayer and pushes out high-quality content for her audience.

Nayanika @makeupbynayanika -35.1k

Nayanika is a self-taught makeup enthusiast and her makeup looks no different than a professional. She is the queen of makeup.

Snehal @the.skincareblog – 16.8k

Snehal is the perfect girl next door. She is sweet yet honest. She will give you some real honest feedback about the products she has used.

Yashwant Singh @yashwantsngh- 34.3k

Yashwant is breaking the stereotypes. Being a man in a female-dominated vertice is challenging but Yashwant does it so flawlessly. You will see the extreme passion in his eyes which will make you trust his advice a bit more.

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