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Top 10 Mega Instagram Influencers in Skincare Industry (1M+)

This blog gives a sneak peek at the “Top 10 Mega Influencers in Skincare Industry (1M+)”. 

Top Mega Instagram Creators in Skincare Industry


Mega influencer is a recent term coined for Instagram creators who have 1M+ followers!

Today we bring to you a list of the top 10 Megainfluencers in the skincare domain you must follow for some quirky content.

Beautifulyoutips – 1.7M

Beautiful You Tips has an astonishing follower base of 1.7M on Instagram. She regularly posts DIY skincare hacks, makeup reviews, product hauls, and tips and tricks for glowing skin. She has expertise in skincare and the content truly shows that.

ShivShakti Sachdev @iamshivshakti – 1M

ShivShakti Sachdev is a renowned Hindi TV actress who has portrayed multiple popular roles in the daily soaps. She also is an active content creator on both YouTube and Instagram and keeps sharing things with her 1M+ followers from shopping hauls to her beauty regime. You must follow her if you want some good product reviews and recommendations.

Anmol Bhatia @anmolbhatia – 1M

Anmol is a model by profession and has 1M+ followers on Instagram with an amazing engagement rate on her Instagram page. Anmol will definitely win your heart not just from her informative videos but from her beautiful innocent face. Enter her Instagram profile with your heart on your sleeves.

Mira Kapoor @mira.kapoor – 4M

Mira Kapoor is the wife of the famous Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor but that is not all that she is famous for, she has a huge fan following on her Instagram who loves her content and the way she keeps her audience engaged is impeccable. She frequently posts about her skincare routine and smashes some myths on the same as well.

Parul Garg @parulgargmakeup – 2.4M

Parul Garg, a resident of New Delhi, and former lawyer by profession left it to become a makeup artist. She offers diverse services from bridal makeup to editorial makeovers and also runs an academy where she teaches makeup and self-grooming course to people. She posts quality content on her Instagram consistently and teaches how to take care of your skin.

Swati Verma @swativerma – 1.4M

Swati is an extremely talented makeup artist with a massive 1.4M+ followers. Her followers especially love her eye makeup and bridal makeup among other types of content. If you are a makeup enthusiast you should follow her for crispy and high-quality content.

Mrunal Panchal @mrunu – 4M

Mrunal Panchal aka Mrunu originally hails from Gujrat, India, and started her social media journey from TikTok. Today she has more than 40 lakhs people following her from across the world. A makeup artist by profession, she usually posts makeup tutorials and skincare videos on her Instagram as well as YouTube channels. If you want to steal some cool fashion inspo along with skincare content, you can follow her.

Anna Petrosian @annapetrosian_ – 1M

Anna Petrosian is the Founder and CCO of Dose of Colors and a makeup artist. She was always passionate about makeup and started at the age of 13 when she saw how people whom she looked up to became more confident after applying makeup. She was drawn to that glamour and confidence and never stopped after that. With her years of experience, she provides personalized tips for different types of skin and makeup tutorials.

Aashna Malani @aashnamalanii – 2.1M

Aashna Malani is an Indian model with 2M+ followers on Instagram. She also has her own website and YouTube channel where she keeps posting about fashion, lifestyle, and skincare as well.

Aashna Hegde @aashnahegde – 1.1M

Aashna Hegde is an Instagram influencer who rose to fame, thanks to her ever-engaging and informative content that keeps her audience not only hooked but also wanting more. She shares about her skincare routine, debunks myths, product recommendations and so more.

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