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Got your first brand collaboration? Here’s what to keep in mind to ensure maximum engagement.

This blog gives a sneak peek at “What to do after you get your first brand collaboration.”


First of all, my Heartiest Congratulations to you on this huge success. Landing your first project is a big deal and we know you want to leave no stone unturned to make it perfect. Don’t worry we are on the same team, virtual high five!✋

Let’s not talk about random stuff and dive straight into the article because we know you want to prepare!

  1. So first things first, keep your target audience in mind: Like we always preach, every creator has a specific set of audiences he/she targets and they are your support system, they follow you and engage with your stuff. So for anything that you are planning don’t forget to involve your people and make it as relevant as you can for them. Don’t try to force a campaign just because you feel the idea is amazing, plan a campaign only because it involves your people and adds value to them.

  2. Don’t be predictable: Or you can say be unique. Nowadays people have a horrible attention span and all you got is 2-4 seconds to win it or lose it. Make sure you don’t seem predictable because then people will scroll through you giving you very little engagement. It is the time to leave your creative juices flowing freely, take your time, and come up with an idea which leaves people in awe. Who knows, you might gain some new followers and additional collaborations!😉

  3. Don’t try to sell: We understand that it is your first collaboration and you are willing to go to any extent to make it “the perfect” but take care you don’t come out as salesy. People don’t like when someone sells them something. Just KISS (Keep It Simple, Superstar!) Keep it informative and make it relatable to people so try to be more genuine and authentic in whatever you are saying.

  4. Once your campaign is live, don’t forget to share it in your story so that more people can watch it and appreciate it. During this duration try to engage with your community and other creators’ posts as well, it boosts the reach of your post.

  5. Take a chill pill. You have done all in your might now just sit back and relax! You got this.🍻

We are excitedly waiting to see what you come up with, and always cheering for you on our highest pitch!!!!!!!!!!!

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